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Of HR Consulting Area:
An agreement has been entered with an International New Zealand Group of Companies to provide Cloud HR Advance of using the latest state of the art technology in the followings areas in HR Consulting:
For Other Industrial Sectors:


For Healthcare Industrial Sectors:

1.      Capability Development Healthcare at

2.      Competency Development Healthcare at

3.      Job Relevance Healthcare at

4.      Succession Planning Healthcare at


These could be a gateway to assist in your day- to- day HR, Training & Development management of your company. Also, competencies, training assessments, competencies mapping...etc. can be made much easier with the Centranum HR Advance of using the state of the art technology that will add support to your management.

Please let us know of your needs and areas where we can work in collaboration.

For any inquiry, please contact us either using the 'Contact Us' Form or you could sent to us an email stating your personal, organization particulars, nature of your inquiry & What do you want us to do for you.
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Patrick Lau @96818113