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Collaboration Biz Opportunities

In our collaboration effort with our New Zealand Group we deliver training & Cloud HR Advance in the field of HR Consulting as Business Solutions as follows:

 * 360 Feedback

 * Capability Management

 * Performance Management 

 * Competencies Management

 * Talent Management...etc.

 Collaboration Opportunity

We seek to work in collaboration with organization & to tell you about ourselves I have provided direct useful web links below to the Cloud HR Advance including my Repertoire of educations, skills sets, collections of training programs, projects undertaken including obtaining bizSAFE 3 status.

To elaborate further:

·        What then is Cloud HR Advance?

·        How can Cloud HR assist in today business management?

·        How flexible is Cloud HR in adapting to today business needs?

·        What are the benefits it will bring to both the employees & to the organizations?

·        What are the values & benefits by engaging us, be it in consulting, training, programs development etc.?

Yet in another collaboration attempt we have been engaged by a training institution to deliver ITQ Training (pending award)
All these & other relevant information are available by visiting with direct links found here to Cloud HR Advance & Repertoire.

In summary:

These could be a gateway to assist in the everyday HR, Training & Development management. Also, competencies, training assessments, competencies mapping...etc. can be made much easier with the Centranum Cloud HR Advance of using the state of the art technology that will add support to management and to students preparing for entering the HR Profession as well.

Propose Areas of Collaboration

1.      Training & Programs Development

2.      HR Consulting Field – Survey, Competency Mapping, Cloud HR Advance, etc.

3.      Workshops/ Programs for students

4.      Student Support

5.      HR Support etc.

We therefore invite you to talk to us on areas that we can work together.

In addition, I will be interested in a teaching career as well.

Thanks & Regards

 Patrick Lau

 Trainer & Consultant

Competency Training & Consulting


 Tel: 96818113

 In collaboration with New Zealand Group of Companies

 Useful Links:

 For Others Industrial Sectors or Non-Medical Professional in the Health care Industrial Sectors:

1. Capability Development Healthcare at

2. Competency Development Healthcare at

3. Job Relevance Healthcare at

4. Succession Planning Healthcare at

Overview Healthcare at

Academic Qualifications & Industrial Work Experience:


We have the necessary academic qualifications  and industrial work experience from the many professional positions that we held.
Repertoires of Skills, Expertise, Experience for both 'Other Industrial Sectors' & for the more 'Specialize industrial sectors - Heath Care' are found on

Yet in our most recent attempts in collaborations we have entered into an agreement with a New Zealand Group to deliver Cloud HR Advance in the HR Consulting Field - competency management, performance management, etc.


As such we will be able & express our interest to collaborate with Schools, Training/ Learning Institutions,Tourism, Hotels, Resorts & Theme Parks, Retails Sectors, Others to assist in delivering & designing training programs.


We also attained the bizSAFE 3 Status.

Together and in forming a tripartite relationship  (Clients, Our Business Partners/Associates, People/Students) we can make a difference in the services that we will provide and to cater for.