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We are an registered business with the relevant government agencies and having activities (SSIC Code: 85491 & 70204) in Coporate Training Services and Motivational Course Providers and Human Resource Consultancy Services.

Executive Summary

Our Strengths:

Industrial / Corporate Experience / Academic Background

(Management Representative, Trainer & Consultant)

Patrick’s industrial and corporate work experience both in Audit, Training, HR Generalist as HR Manager, Operations to Survey, Executive Search and to setting up a HR Practice Consulting Firm with business activities in Corporate Training & HR Consultancy Services and including conducting survey for hotel, F & B Group of Outlets, research study for a leading Australia University and training research project provide the opportunities to apply the full spectrum of his academic background.

Also, he had experience in the various work processes like recruitment, selection, interviewing, HR management, research, training (audit training, customer service, telephone skills, etc.) developing, auditing processes, etc. which gave him much exposure both at the corporate & practices area and in working with other business associates and school has enhanced his understanding & knowledge to apply to cross-borders organizational & clients issues.

Special Report on Career Milestones and Corporate

Received the Gold Badge
(Passed 1
st attempt only for all 7 units with leading institution)
Spearheaded the HR Consultant Practice Company
Conducted training on Hospitality Customer Service, HRIS, Others: OJE, SOP, OJT. Good Ratings 10/10 (Service Crews; Waiters, Waitress, Chef, Cooks, Managers, Exec, Supervisors, PMET, etc.)
Completed the bizSAFE & received the bizSAFE 3 status

Some of the Workplaces & Industrial Projects undertaken:

1.       Top 3 International PA Firms

   2.       Banks, Property
   3.       Hotels, F & B Group of Outlets
   4.       Engineering, Manufacturing, Futures
   5.       Trading, Plantation, Constructions

6.       Freight Forwarders, Paper Pulps, Zoo, etc.

HR Areas:

Recruitment, Selection,
Interviewing & Short-listing:
understand the job requirements, job matching, interviewing, selection, short-listing of candidates. Specialize in medical clinics, tourism hotel, F & B, lawyers, and others.
Counselling: Work counselling behaviour for Hotel, F & B Groups of Outlets, etc.

People Development: Identify training needs, curriculum
planning, design, develop & deliver training, OJT to hotels, F & B Group of Outlets: service crews, waiters, waitresses, cooks, managers, supervisors, chefs , executives, etc., and received 10/10 good ratings from trainees.

Industrial Relations: Hotel Union Matters, Staff Dismissal, Collective
Agreement, etc.
Benchmarking & Survey: Industrial Visit on Service Standards &
HR Best Practices with 5 Stars Hotels, etc.

Hospitality Market Knowledge: He talks on the Integrated Resort
represents opportunities in the hospitality trade & industries and also lack of hotel staff & hotel management. This poses challenges to the HR in the areas of staff retention, recruitment, training including succession planning.

Birth of HR Practice: Started Competency Training & Consulting with two business activities: Corporate Training & Motivational Course Providers and Human Resource Consultancy Services

Others Generalist HR Managerial Role, Auditor:

Handled ¼ million HR/Fin project – Leading International Offshore Bank, etc.
Biggest executive search placement – GM Position of Leading Hotel of
more than$13k.
Recognition for write ups – change management
HRIS proposal, implementation, monitoring, training for 180
ISO. Including successfully set-up HR Department (Work
culture, training culture, systems,

Article: Recognized for
on educating HR Professional & Students on change management in real life Merger & Acquisition scenario. HR Professional Institute in Australia appreciated the value of the Article, in ‘Successful Change Require HR Skills’ and posted on their professional website since 2004 - 2007

Relevant Academic Field:
Obtained a recognised International Degree with premium university in Australia, ISO Accredited and University of Year award etc. 
Obtained ACTA with the most leading institution
Relevant Modules:
Bachelor Degree: HR Practice & Marketing Majors (Double Majors)
HRM Practice & Marketing:
HRM Practice 
1st Major Modules:
1.Introduction to HRM
2. Employment & Industrial Relations
3. HR Practice & Research
4. Occupational Health & Safety
5. Organization Change & Development
6. Workplace Industrial Relations
7. HR Development
8. Employment Process, Staffing, Compensation 
Core Units/Foundations:
1. Intro to Accounting
2. Organization Behaviour & Management
3. Intro to Computing
4. Data Analysis
5. Communications
6. Intro to Law
7. Business Econs
2nd Major Modules:
1. Intro to Marketing
2. Consumer Behavioiur
3. Marketing Strategy
4. Promotion Management
5. Franchising
6. Market Research Methods
7. Market Research Project
8. Marketing Channels
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